• Siemens Energy setzt Engagement im Irak fort

    13/01/2023 - Press release - European and International Energy Policy

    Siemens Energy continues activities in Iraq

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  • Smart Home Technologie

    03/01/2023 - Press release - Technology and Innovation

    SmartLivingNEXT call for funding published: around €25 million for AI-based ecosystems for sustainable digital services

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  • 15/12/2022 - Press release - Climate Change Mitigation

    Transition to climate action and sustainability in the SME sector: SME Commissioner Michael Kellner presents comprehensive action plan


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  • 18/11/2022 - Joint press release - Sustainability

    Smartphones and tablets will be easier to repair in the future

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  • 13/11/2022 - Press release - Foreign Trade

    Germany and Singapore to establish a Joint Framework on Sustainability and Innovation

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  • Robert Habeck in Singapur

    12/11/2022 - Press release - Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment

    Habeck travels to Singapore to attend the 17th Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business – focus on diversification and sustainability

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  • Photovoltaikanlage zu Pilotausschreibung für Photovoltaik-Freiflächenanlagen; Quelle: BMWi/Holger Vonderlind

    04/11/2022 - Press release - Energy Data

    Handover of grant to regulatory sandbox ‘JenErgieReal’ to foster sustainable electricity and heat supply in cities

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  • 27/05/2022 - Joint press release - Sustainability

    G7 countries send clear message for more climate action and ambitious environmental policy

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  • 22/05/2022 - Press release - Economic Policy

    Habeck travels to the World Economic Forum in Davos: “We need to make globalisation better, fairer and more sustainable”

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  • Förderbescheidübergabe "Batteriepass“ am 25. April 2022 in Berlin

    25/04/2022 - Press release - Energy

    Parliamentary State Secretary Kellner: “Batteries in the EU must be as sustainable as possible – from production to recycling”

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