Climate Change Mitigation

  • 01/06/2023 - Press release - Climate Change Mitigation

    100 million euros for sectoral decarbonisation in developing and emerging economies

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  • 11/03/2023 - Press release - Climate Change Mitigation

    Creating green value chains together to support prosperity and climate action – Habeck visits Brazil and Colombia

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  • Kosten der Energieversorgung

    09/01/2023 - Joint press release - Energy

    Requests for reimbursements can now be submitted by gas and heat suppliers for advance payments under the gas and heat price brake

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  • Symbolbild Bürgerenergie und Klimaschutz, Erneuerbare Energien

    24/12/2022 - Press release - The Energy Transition

    A boost to public acceptance for the energy transition - support for citizens' energy to be expanded

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  • Rauch aus Industrie, Methanemissionen

    19/12/2022 - Press release - Climate Change Mitigation

    Adoption of binding rules on methane emissions from the European energy sector

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    18/12/2022 - Press release - Climate Change Mitigation

    New EU climate policy in place: political agreement in finalising the Fit for 55 climate package

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  • 15/12/2022 - Press release - Climate Change Mitigation

    Transition to climate action and sustainability in the SME sector: SME Commissioner Michael Kellner presents comprehensive action plan


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  • Ordner beschriftet mit Energieeffizienz, davor Geld und Anträge zu Bürgschaften für Energieeffizienzprojekte

    13/12/2022 - Press release - Energy prices and transparency for consumers

    Habeck bolsters energy conservation assistance for low-income households

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  • Erdkugel zu World Energy Outlook.

    12/12/2022 - Joint press release - Climate Change Mitigation

    G7 establishes Climate Club

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  • 08/12/2022 - Press release - The Energy Transition

    Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action launches first auction procedure for H2Global – €900 million for the purchase of green hydrogen derivatives

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