Funding of SMEs

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Financing for start-ups, company growth, and innovations

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  • Worker in front of containers symbolizes Promotion of foreign trade and investment; Source: Getty Images/Yur_Arcurs

    Article - Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment

    Article: Promotion of foreign trade and investment

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  • Wall with post-its from an Start-Up; Quelle: Getty Images/Emely

    Article - Funding of SMEs

    Article: Start-ups: a driving force for growth and competition

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  • Startups symbolising venture capital

    02/07/2020 - Press release - Funding of SMEs

    Minister Altmaier: “INVEST gives boost to venture-capital market – grants provided towards approx. €800 million in venture-capital investments in startups”

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  • Young woman sitting at a desk with a calculator

    30/06/2020 - Joint press release - Funding of SMEs

    100 days of KfW coronavirus aid: Tens of thousands of companies benefit from federal support in tackling the impact of the pandemic

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  • Colleagues look at charts on a computer screen

    14/04/2020 - Joint press release - Funding of SMEs

    KfW Instant Loan for small and medium-sized enterprises to be launched tomorrow

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  • Article - Women in Business

    Article: Women in economy

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  • Woman decorating shop window of a fashion boutique, symbolizing retail dialogue platform

    Article - Retail trade

    Article: Retail Dialogue Platform

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  • Ornamental plants decorating the page on SME policy; Source: mauritius images / / Hans Blossey

    Article - SME Policy

    Article: The German Mittelstand as a model for success

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  • Construction of track rails symbolizes Investment Strategy

    Article - Investment Strategy

    Article: Boosting investment

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  • Africa

    Article - Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment

    Article: Africa Business Network

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