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Link/Internetadresse: https://greentrade.tech/
Branche: Neue Medien, Energie, Internet & Web 2.0 Software, Umwelt, Sonstige
Gründungsdatum: 09.03.2022
Mitarbeiteranzahl: 5
Kapitalbedarf (in Euro): 500.000
Datum des Förderbescheids: 21.07.2022
Geschäftskonzept: GreenTrade.tech accelerates the funding of new carbon projects by turning long-term purchase agreements into digital tradable assets and making them available for corporate buyers today. We're a team of experienced entrepreneurs, transforming the Voluntary Carbon Market ($200B by 2050) by introducing the concept of Future Credits. Through long-term offtake agreements (ERPAs) with project developers, we’re securing future supply rights and turning them into digital assets (NFTs). Buyers are mitigating future price and access risk, while developers are able to secure funding for additional projects. Our mission is to mitigate climate change through realizing 1B TONNES OF CARBON CREDITS BY 2030.