Icon Surgical Platform for AI-based Risk Identification

Practical example and current challenges

  • Complex surgical procedures are documented and often recorded on video. The evaluation of data and videos by means of AI could massively improve the risk recognition of surgical interventions and thus also improve the surgical procedures.
  • Currently, however, surgical videos and medical data used to conduct scientific research are stored in data centres within hospitals with complex infrastructure. In fact, a large amount of data is not used for research purposes due to the limited, scattered and outdated data systems used in the medical centres. There is also a lack of a common infrastructure that allows data to be exchanged securely.
  • As a result, it is currently not possible to obtain high-quality, high-performance data statistics for medical innovations and for improving risk detection during operations.
Surgical Platform for AI-based Risk Identification

What added value does the "GAIA-X project" offer?

  • GAIA-X can help here because it can provide a secure environment for the highly sensitive data and the regulated exchange of this data. Ultimately, communication between hospitals, doctors and other parties involved could be improved; mutual learning becomes possible.
  • GAIA-X is an open system. This means that third parties (e.g. medical companies, universities, hospitals) can be given access to surgical videos and anonymised patient data in order to use data for research purposes and for the development of AI systems. The more people involved, the greater the number of videos and data. A thriving ecosystem will be created through lively exchange and awareness.
  • Through the extensive analysis of the data provided with the help of AI applications, previous surgical methods can then be improved in order to increase the success of the operations and the wellbeing of the patients.

Use Case Team

  • Josep Blanch – Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
  • Dr. Antonio de Lacy – Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
  • Sergi Grau – AIS Channel