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Our energy goals

The German energy targets are based on the recommendations of an expert commission, which was tasked with monitoring the energy transition. The German government's Energy Concept and the decisions of the Bundestag of 6 June 2011 serve as the compass for steering the energy transition. Our energy policy continues to be guided by the three goals of energy security, affordable energy, and having an energy supply that is environmentally compatible.

  • Policy framework: What does our energy transition aim to achieve?
    The top level of the target architecture consists of the policy framework for the restructuring of our energy supply: cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2020, phasing out nuclear energy by 2022, and safeguarding energy security and competitiveness.
  • Strategic level: How will we attain the goals of the energy transition?
    The Energy Concept pursues two fundamental strategies - the "core objectives" - in order to advance the energy transition: expanding the use of renewable energy and boosting energy efficiency.
  • Steering level: Which are the fields in which we are working on the two core objectives?
    We want to attain the two core objectives in the central areas of electricity, heat and transport. After all, both objectives - boosting the proportion of final energy consumption (first core objective) and improving energy efficiency (second core objective) - are complex issues. For this reason, they are fleshed out again in greater detail as "steering targets" for the three fields.
  • Individual measures level: What is actually being done?
    Various measures are to be used to attain the steering targets in the three fields of electricity, heat and transport, e. g. acts, ordinances and funding programmes.

In the target architecture of the energy transition and the specific measures, the Federal Government is aiming to deploy low-cost solutions and optimal system integration. This will put the conditions in place to ensure that energy remains affordable for consumers.

Structuring of the targets of the Energy Concept; Source: BMWi

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