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The SME monitor for EU initiatives strengthens the involvement of SMEs in important EU projects. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can find out at an early stage about relevant projects of the European Union and feed their interests into ongoing consultation procedures.

In the "Monitor List (in German) (PDF, 999 KB)", the Economic Affairs Ministry and SME business associations work together to screen the projects in the European Commission’s 2019 programme of work in terms of their relevance to SMEs and grades them on a traffic-light basis.

Those marked “red” are projects that will likely be particularly relevant for SMEs. “Amber” projects may be of relevance to SMEs, “green” ones probably aren’t. This grading does not imply any evaluation of the projects themselves. Rather, the colour “red” is intended to call on all the stakeholders at all levels – from individual companies to business associations and policymakers – to play their part in ensuring the European legislative projects are shaped in an SME-friendly way.

In order to help you play your part, the SME-related projects are linked to the “roadmaps”, in which the European Commission publishes initial information about the project and the next steps (e.g. the plans to undertake an impact assessment), to information from the European Commission, to consultations which have taken place, or in which you can participate, and to further information.

Current consultations on projects of relevance to SMEs

The European Commission’s website provides information about ongoing public consultations.