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Germany Trade & Invest

Trade and commerce with other countries is a major factor in Germany’s economic growth and prosperity. As a net exporting country, Germany is deeply integrated into the international business community. At the same time, the Federal Republic of Germany profits as a business location when foreign companies set up subsidiaries in the country. That creates jobs.

In times of increased international competition, successful economic promotion is more important than ever. Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) is the country’s national agency for doing precisely that. GTAI supports both foreign companies and helps them expand their business. Moreover, GTAI publicizes Germany’s advantages as a business location and promotes the internationalization of the economy in German regions undergoing structural change. It also assists German companies looking to do business abroad.

Attracting Foreign Businesses

GTAI seeks to attract businesses from around the world and helps them set up shop in Germany. Those looking to expand to Germany can make use of an extensive range of GTAI services and information, including market analyses, tax and legal information and consultation about financing and governmental support programs. GTAI is also the central point of information for data concerning foreign direct investment FDI in Germany. Additionally, in conjunction with the Digital Hub Initiative, GTAI focusses on attracting founders, young companies, experts and investors, and promotes Germany as a welcoming environment for digital companies.

Germany as a Business Location

On numerous platforms (online, print, TV), GTAI promotes Germany in general as an excellent business location. The goal is to further bolster the image of the German economy abroad and to convince foreign companies to expand to the country. Germany’s overarching business location marketing campaign is called “Germany Works” and is also part of GTAI. As a platform, it offers a powerful, shared voice to all partners involved in promoting Germany as a great place to do business.

Germany’s East and Regions Undergoing Structural Transformation

Germany is undergoing structural change in a variety of respects, and many regions are facing new challenges. At the same time, such transformations offer profitable opportunities to both domestic and foreign companies that want to help shape the future. GTAI has undertaken numerous measures to promote the internationalization of Germany’s formerly communist east, its underdeveloped regions and the areas of the country particularly affected by the phase-out of coal-based energy. These measures include events for investors in selected sectors, domestic and international trips for companies to make business contacts, and marketing for individual business clusters and networks.

Promoting German Exports

Many small- to medium-sized German enterprises export goods and services to foreign markets and need to keep up to date with the latest information. Whether it’s data about foreign markets and sectors, specifics about legal and tariff regulations or notifications of public tender – GTAI provides German businesses with information concerning more than 120 countries. Moreover, interested companies can make use of offerings such as the Market Development Program (MEP), the Health Care Business Export Initiative and the Africa Business Guide. Last but not least, German companies can also gain an overview of what’s on offer from more than 70 international business promotional institutions via the iXPOS portal.

MARKETS: Print & Online

GTAI publishes two high-quality, illustrated, journalistic magazines in English and German. MARKETS Germany is aimed at an international audience and covers all aspects of the German economy and doing business in Germany. MARKETS International addresses a German audience and is devoted to foreign markets where German companies export goods and services.