Unterhaltung von Menschen zum Managerfortbildungsprogramm; Quelle: GIZ


The Manager Training Programme of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is primarily addressed to small and medium-sized enterprises abroad which are interested in cooperating with German firms. The programme entitled “Fit for Partnership with Germany” prepares managers from companies based abroad for doing business and cooperating with German firms – bringing success for both sides. The cross-sectoral programme currently includes 21 partner countries from Africa, Asia, Latin America and eastern Europe. More than 15,000 managers have already participated in the programme.
The practical programme aims to expand decision-making skills and management expertise and to set up business contacts with German firms. Three to four tailor-made contacts especially with German SMEs are arranged for each participant. In addition, the programme offers sector-specific training courses for participants from one or several partner countries. At present, these sectors include:

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Übersicht der Teilnehmerländer


List of participating countries

•renewable energy
•environmental technologies/water and waste management
•energy efficiency in industrial companies
•energy efficiency in construction and modernisation of buildings
•agriculture/food processing
•mining and raw materials
•Industrie 4.0.
The programme comprises a four-week stay by the participants in Germany. In view of the travel restrictions due to the pandemic, however, the training courses are currently held in a virtual format.

Furthermore, several partner countries offer additional training programmes for managers from German companies. Under the “Fit for Business in Russia” programme (since 2006) and the “Fit for Business in China” programme (since 2012), the Russian government and the Chinese government have been inviting German managers to participate in training courses in their respective countries. In 2017, a similar programme was launched in Mexico. These programmes also serve to set up contacts. They are door-openers for German firms which wish to become active on foreign markets.

The Economic Affairs Ministry is responsible for the Manager Training Programme. It has commissioned the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) to coordinate the programme. 17 business-related German training institutions, which can qualify in the context of a call for proposals, are in charge of the implementation of the programme.