The main economic policy body in the OECD which addresses structural issues is the Economic Policy Committee (EPC). Germany – represented by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action – is one of two vice-chairs of this committee. The Economics Ministry feeds experience and recommendations into the work of the committee, and thus helps to shape the international debate.

The EPC focuses on current macroeconomic and structural policy issues on a cross-border basis. Its work is supported by various thematic sub-groups, e.g. a working group on macroeconomic and structural policy analysis and a working group handling monetary and fiscal policy and balance of payment imbalances.

Also, the Economic Development and Reform Committee (EDRC) regularly produces country surveys on the various OECD member states together with the OECD Secretariat. These surveys are designed to analyse specific economic challenges individual countries are having to confront and set out policy recommendations as to how to address these challenges.

Both working groups maintain an intensive dialogue on current challenges and best practices in economic policy. The OECD and its working groups are engaged in close dialogue with international partners (e.g. the emerging economies) and the social partners.