Woman holding tablet, symbolic of German-Turkish female entrepreneur

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At the event entitled “German-Turkish companies – stimulating a thriving SME sector”, Federal Economic Affairs Minister Zypries today expressed her appreciation of the contribution by entrepreneurs of Turkish origin to economic growth in Germany.

Federal Minister Brigitte Zypries said: “German-Turkish entrepreneurs are a successful chapter in the story of immigration from Turkey. Their innovative start-ups and successful companies in the skilled crafts and service sector make them role models for practical integration. More than 100,000 entrepreneurs of Turkish origin employ over 500,000 people in more than 50 sectors in Germany. They are an important part of our economy. It is important to remind ourselves of this fact right now. We want to uphold the close German-Turkish ties of friendship and business. Here, it is particularly important for the rule of law to prevail in Turkey, because arbitrary actions by the state are poison for investments.”

German-Turkish companies are displaying an above-average degree of commitment to integrating refugees into training and employment. In many cases, the understanding of two different cultures is the secret to the companies’ success. According to figures from ATİAD, the association of Turkish entrepreneurs and industrialists in Europe, entrepreneurs of Turkish origin contribute some €50bn to Germany’s gross national product.