New energy audit tool


On 4 May 2017, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy presented a new energy audit tool at the Berlin Energy Days event. The 'tailored renovation roadmap' is a software-based tool that serves to provide a good overview of the modernisation work a particular building will require in the long-term future. The tool points to untapped possibilities for energy conservation and the use of renewables and also gives an estimate of the relevant investment costs and of the savings achieved in terms of heating costs and carbon emissions.

Said State Secretary Baake: "The new tailored renovation roadmap gives property owners a transparent, bespoke and step-by-step overview of the modernisation work their building will require. It is an easy way for them to find out what to expect and when, what the work entails, and how various measures can be designed to add up to a full modernisation plan. For energy advisers, the customised modernisation roadmap is a tool that allows them to communicate the result of their technical work in a way that is easy to understand and comes in the form of a well-structured, standardised report. This allows for the common step-by-step approach to modernisation to be used to create an overall concept tailored to the building in question."

The tailored renovation roadmap is key to the ministry's efforts to implement the government's Energy Efficiency Strategy for Buildings.

The tool was developed in close cooperation with the Federal Office for Energy Efficiency within the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) and an external consortium consisting of the German Energy Agency (dena), the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu) and the Passivhaus Institute (PHI). The roadmap now serves as a standardised tool that is ready to be deployed on the ground. It creates a uniform framework and comes with a user-friendly design and a great deal of extra information tailored to the needs of energy advisors and property owners. The renovation roadmap serves as a proof-of-advice within the energy advice funding programme for residential buildings (BAFA on-site energy audits) and fits in perfectly with the existing financial support programmes.

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