Nahaufnahme eines Smart-Phone mit einer App "Cloud"


A catalogue of criteria for the data protection certification of cloud services is being presented in the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy today. The criteria are a milestone of the Ministry's AUDITOR research project. This project aims to develop and test a certification of cloud services that is recognised throughout Europe in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The certification focuses on the protection of personal data in clouds. The aim is to guarantee data security to providers, customers and final users and to facilitate the use of cloud services.

State Secretary Dr Ulrich Nussbaum said: "A few days ago, the General Data Protection Regulation entered into force throughout Europe. We want to help businesses implement the new rules and realise innovative business models within this legal framework. This also means that the use of cloud services in line with the legal stipulations must continue to be easy as they are essential for enterprises and their increasing digitisation. This is why we launched the AUDITOR project. We want to offer a data protection certification to both providers and users of cloud services that is recognised throughout Europe. Certified products will offer all the advantages of clouds while at the same time respecting the basic right to data protection. This can be a competitive edge for our businesses, both inside and outside the EU."

The European Cloud Service Protection Certification (AUDITOR) research project is planned to be completed by 2019 when initial pilot certificates are to be awarded. For more information on the project, please click here (in German).