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The new funding guideline “EXIST Potential” has entered into force as part of the new start-up campaign launched yesterday. The programme aims to give more support to spin-offs from higher education institutions, to establish internationally visible flagships in the field of transfers and help for spin-offs from German higher education institutions, and to ensure that the initiatives are sustainable by anchoring them in the regions.

Minister Altmaier said: “I expect EXIST Potential to give a further boost to the spirit of entrepreneurship in German higher education institutions. Our programme will also boost the economic potential of the regions and the German Mittelstand.”

Following a six-month concept phase commencing in spring 2019, a jury will meet in autumn 2019 to select the best projects for the three thematic priorities of “Leveraging potential”, “Regional networking” and “Convincing international markets”.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is using the EXIST programme to support high-tech start-ups in science as they prepare for their launch. In the last ten years, the Economic Affairs Ministry has used EXIST to help some 2,300 start-ups from science and to build up more than 100 start-up networks at higher education institutions. The large macroeconomic leverage effect of the start-up funding is the main reason why Minister Altmaier decided to double the funding for EXIST from 2019.
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