Participant of the 6th Friends of Industry

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Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, is visiting Paris to hold talks on Franco-German cooperation and the future of the EU, and the importance of maintaining and strengthening the competitiveness of European industry. He will be attending the 6th Friends of Industry Conference and meeting with his French counterpart Bruno Le Maire and with the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, Mr Fatih Birol. In addition, Minister Altmaier will be discussing specific concepts for business cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence (an ‘AI Airbus’) with German and French entrepreneurs. Furthermore, Minister Altmaier will be holding talks with his French and Polish counterparts in the context of the Weimar Triangle, talking in particular about specific projects related to battery cell production.

Peter Altmaier said: “We are only strong if we stand together. France and Germany have always been and will continue to be close and trusting partners. We are aware of our responsibility for Europe. We must not allow nationalists and populists to destroy this fantastic peace and prosperity project. The time for flowery speeches is over, we now need to talk about specific cooperation projects in the fields of artificial intelligence, battery cells and spaceflight. At the beginning of 2019, the new Elysée Treaty will be signed. It will place the cooperation between France and Germany on a new, forward-looking footing.”

In 2017, France was the most important European exporting country for Germany with exports totalling €105.2 billion and ranked fourth among the world's most important trading partners.