Battery of an electric car

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State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Claudia Dörr-Voß is attending a meeting of the European Battery Alliance in Brussels today. Her talks with the European Commission and with other EU Member States are focusing on the state of play of the selection of projects that have applied for funding to establish battery cell production in Germany.

State Secretary Dörr-Voß said: “Efficient batteries will become indispensable not only for electric mobility, but also in private households, in industry and for mobile and stationary storage of renewable energy. We want innovative state-of-the-art battery technology in Germany and Europe in order to remain competitive, create new jobs and safeguard our prosperity. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is pressing ahead with battery cell production in Germany and Europe. It has earmarked one billion euros for the financing of German sub-projects. More than 30 companies have submitted innovative project ideas to the Economic Affairs Ministry and applied for funding. The next step is to elaborate the structure of a joint European project together with other Member States. It is important for us that consortia can start as soon as possible and that many Member States are involved in the project. There is much dynamism and the clear willingness within the EU to work together to reach our common goal, namely to develop and produce competitive and innovative battery cells.”

The companies that have expressed their interest in taking part in the context of the Ministry’s invitation to submit ideas cover the entire value chain and ecosystem related to batteries. This includes the fields of raw materials and exploration, extraction of materials and recycling, production of cathodes and anodes, mechanical components, and battery cell production, integration and use. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is currently examining the applications that have been submitted. The funding is to take place in the context of an Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI).