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Reliable information is more important than ever in an economic crisis such as that caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It allows for an objective assessment of the current situation and thus provides the basis for crisis management. The online platform "Dashboard Germany", which was developed on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI), the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in cooperation with the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), will provide up-to-date information that allows for assessing the economic situation. The portal is freely accessible from 15 December 2020.

At its launch, the Dashboard Germany platform offers more than 100 meaningful indicators from different data sources on the subjects of health, economy, mobility and finance. The visualised data is supplemented by texts that help interpret their meaning.

Dr Markus Richter, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Federal Government Commissioner for Information Technology said: "Reliable and freely accessible data on health, the economy and finances is fundamental for an informed public, especially in the current situation. In launching the Dashboard Germany, we are contributing to a fact-based democratic discourse. The information can be accessed directly and in a user-friendly way from any device and location. In this way, we are creating real added value in line with the open data concept."

Wolfgang Schmidt, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance said: "We have launched a major aid package to help our companies and their employees to cope with the crisis as well as possible. The Dashboard Germany platform clearly shows to what extent the aid has been implemented. Anyone can see at a glance how many applications have been submitted and how many have already been approved. The dashboard thus makes an important contribution to even greater transparency on the support measures of the Federal Government. Such transparency is important in a democratic society.

Dr Ulrich Nußbaum, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy said: "The rapid development of the coronavirus pandemic and the uncertainty associated with it make it clear how important it is to have reliable information on current economic developments. The Dashboard Germany therefore provides a wide range of data and indicators on a central platform in a transparent manner. It is now available to all interested parties including government, public administration, companies, associations as well as academia and the wider public."

At the start of the service, the Dashboard Germany already offers options for basic analysis. By mid-2021, both the content and the technical functionality of the platform will be further expanded. The Dashboard Germany is provided free of charge and can be used without registration. Following its launch on 15 December 2020, the service will be accessible via the websites of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the Federal Statistical Office.

For further information, please visit (in German): www.dashboard-deutschland.de