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The Immediate Assistance Programme for own-account workers and small companies is up and running. An administrative agreement to this effect was finalised by the Federation and the Länder today.

The Federation’s Immediate Assistance Programme under which up to €50 billion can be provided, is also open to farmers and companies in the agricultural sector that employ up to 10 people. Other groups benefitting from the programme will be small businesses, members of the free professions, and own-account workers. The application and payment process itself is organised by the Länder. You can find a list of the relevant contacts in the Länder here.

Said Federal Minister Peter Altmaier: “The immediate assistance provided by the Federation is also available to farmers. This is on account of the fact that, like other small businesses, members of the free professions, and own-account workers, many farmers are also in dire straights at the moment. We are therefore providing one-off payments of up to €15,000 in a swift and non-bureaucratic way. Agreement about how this is to be done was reached with the Länder today. We have designated contacts within the Länder that are now in charge of implementation and payments. The cash can start to flow quickly.”

Said Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Julia Klöckner: “Today’s decision sends an important signal for agriculture and forestry. We have been successful in advocating that the entire sector should benefit from the protection offered by the aid programme. It is precisely in times like these that it becomes obvious just how important it is to have small-scale regional farming all across the country. It is with this in mind that we are supporting small-scale farmers and helping them bridge the acute cash-flow problems they are facing. This will protect livelihoods. It is in the best interest of us all to support domestic farming and keep it alive.”

On 23 March 2020, the Federal Government approved an Immediate Assistance Programme with a budget of up to €50 billion to be made available to small businesses, own-account workers, members of the free professions, and farmers. The Bundestag and Bundesrat debated these Cabinet Decisions in the context of their deliberations on the supplementary budget on 27 March. The entire package was approved by the Bundesrat on 27 March 2020. An administrative agreement that allows for the programme to be implemented and payments to be made was agreed by the Federation and the Länder on Sunday, 29 March. The federal funds have been made accessible to the Länder as of Monday, 30 March. This means that applications and payments can now be made.

You will find an overview of the competent authorities at Länder level here.

You can find a short set of Q&A, i.e. as to who is eligible for immediate assistance and what data is required, here.