Thomas Jarzombek with the ‘Young Digital Economy’ Advisory Board in Berlin.

Thomas Jarzombek with the ‘Young Digital Economy’ Advisory Board in Berlin.

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The ‘Young Digital Economy’ Advisory Board will join today with Thomas Jarzombek, Commissioner of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy for the Digital Industry and Start-ups, in Berlin to exchange views on support for start-ups in the coronavirus crisis, the digital policy priorities during the German Presidency of the Council of the EU and the opportunities that digitisation offers to foster sustainability.

Thomas Jarzombek said: “The current situation serves as a reminder of the importance of digitisation for our country. It is therefore in everyone’s interest to maintain the momentum in digitisation in the future. In this context, start-ups are providing indispensable stimuli. Our two-billion euro package of measures aims to help them survive the crisis.”

Professor Dr Tobias Kollmann, chair of the ‘Young Digital Economy’ Advisory Board, said: “Start-ups are an important source of digital innovation, which we urgently need in the current situation. It is therefore right and important that part of the assistance package is specifically tailored to the needs of these young enterprises to continue their growth and safeguard the many jobs in this field.”

The ‘Young Digital Economy’ Advisory Board was set up on 15 January 2013. It advises the Minister on current issues relating to the young digital economy and new digital technologies in Germany. Prior to the session, Professor Dr Tobias Kollmann had informed Federal Minister Altmaier that he would not stand for the post of chair of the ‘Young Digital Economy’ Advisory Board again in the next advisory period.

Professor Dr Tobias Kollmann said: “I look back on seven years as chair of the Advisory Board with pride and feel humbled. It was our task to first draw politicians’ attention to the ‘Young Digital Economy’ and then to keep it there. We have succeeded in doing so through offering much input, many initiatives and specific findings and have thus made a considerable contribution to the fact that there is a large and active digital start-up scene in Germany today.”

Economic Affairs Minister Peter Altmaier said: “I want to thank Professor Dr Tobias Kollmann for his work as chair of the ‘Young Digital Economy’ Advisory Board for the last seven years. During this period, he has, together with other members of the Advisory Board, provided important ideas for the creation of an environment for the digital economy in Germany and Europe that is fit for the future. I would like to express my gratitude for this.”

You can find the list of the current members of the Advisory Board at: