Ship at port, signifying shipbuilding


Germany’s next National Maritime Conference will be held in Rostock. The largest gathering of the German maritime industry will take place on 26 and 27 April 2021 in Rostock under the patronage of the Federal Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and will be all about setting the course for the future success of the German maritime industry.

Says Norbert Brackmann, Federal Government Coordinator for the Maritime Industry: “Looking to the future and setting clear and realistic targets has become an even more urgent task during the COVID-19 pandemic. We need to have clear prospects so that we can use targeted measures to leave this crisis behind us. We need a Maritime Agenda for 2030 and will develop it on the basis of the Maritime Agenda for 2025.

The maritime sector is characterised by long economic cycles, which makes it likely that the coronavirus crisis will have a longer impact here than on other sectors. This is why the one billion euros from the stimulus programme for the future of the German maritime sector is so important. We want to strengthen the shipbuilding industry by setting the right incentives. We have also topped up the Maritime Research Programme and significantly reinvigorated the Innovation Programme to support the maritime industry in its efforts to defend and strengthen its position as a global pioneer for environmentally-friendly and innovative digital technologies. This is how we help companies through the acute crisis. Once we have achieved this, we will shift the focus to the coming years. And this we will do in Rostock.”

Additional funding for the maritime industry is also planned for the construction of shore-side electricity supply infrastrucuture. This funding is to be provided under the stimulus programme and will help the Länder speed up the transition towards an environmentally and climate-friendly power supply for vessels docking in the ports. Finally, the Federal Government also wants to use the “Fleet renewal programme for public-authority vessels” to inject a fresh economic stimulus into the maritime industry in the coming years, and to foster innovation.