Workers installing PV modules on a rule, symbolising the energy transition platform for buildings


Today, the German Bundestag adopted the Buildings Energy Act, which had been laid before the chamber by the Federal Government at the initiative of the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy and the Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community. The Buildings Energy Act sets a new, uniform and harmonised rulebook for energy efficiency in buildings and for the use of heat from renewables. The German Bundestag also decided to amend the Federal Building Code to introduce a provision stipulating a minimum distance between wind turbines and settlements, and to remove the cap on PV from the Renewable Energy Sources Act.

Said Economic Affairs Minister Peter Altmaier: “The energy transition continues. Today’s decisions by the Bundestag are an important contribution to this progress. Our Buildings Energy Act delivers a marked contribution to the reduction of bureaucracy and to the streamlining of the rulebook, whilst also providing additional incentives for the use of renewables. The distance rules for wind turbines and the end of the PV cap will boost public acceptance for wind power and set a strong impetus for growth and employment in the PV and renewables sector. This is particularly important in these challenging times.”

You can find the wording of the Buildings Energy Act (in German) and the provisions introducing distance rules for wind turbines and repealing the cap on PV here.