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Starting in February, companies will have access to a new service provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) to support their business activities in Africa. Within the framework of the Africa Business Network, industry experts on the ground inform companies about specific projects in selected sectors and African markets. The industry experts have a profound knowledge of local markets and technical expertise, and are well integrated into the network of relevant players and institutions on the ground. This enables them to identify interesting opportunities for business and cooperation at an early stage.

The project will initially be launched as a pilot in two countries and industries: in Egypt, an industry expert for water management will start work at the beginning of February. Another expert for food processing will follow in Ghana within the first quarter. If the pilot phase is successful, there are plans to expand the projects to other African locations and markets. The industry experts work on the ground at the local chambers of commerce abroad or Offices of the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce.

Interested companies from the water sector can register with the Africa Business Network office. Once they are registered, they will gain access to the project advertisements at the office and, if they are interested in a particular project, can contact the local project owner. The office also forwards the project advertisements to relevant trade associations within the business network so that these can forward them on to their member companies. If necessary, the industry expert will assist in the process of business initiation on the ground and point up further advisory and support services provided by the Federal Government.

All information about the service offered by the industry experts, information forwarding and expression of interest can be here (in German). Interested companies from the water industry are welcome to send an email with their contact details and contact person to

The Africa Business Network and a strong network of established stakeholders and programmes to promote foreign trade and investment ensure that German firms can rely on sound advice on their way to doing business in Africa. German companies wishing to engage in Africa can draw on a bundled package of advice and support service from the Africa Business Network.