The Board of Academic Advisors to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy today published an expertise entitled "Digitisation in Germany – lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic". In the report, the Board identifies ways in which and areas where the state should make more efforts to safeguard the progress being made during the current wave of digitisation after the pandemic and to further advance the digital transition.

Economic Affairs Minister Altmaier welcomes the recommendations: "Last year, telecommunications companies invested nearly €10 billion in the network infrastructure. In its Stimulus and Future Packages, the Federal Government has placed a focus on advancing digitisation by earmarking €16 billion for this area. The Board, however, rightly points out that funding is not a cure-all. We must also be willing to make more changes and improve organisational procedures. This applies to both the state and companies. What we need are non-bureaucratic and decentralised solutions as endorsed by the Board for work from home."

The Board of Academic Advisors gives the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy independent advice on all aspects of economic policy in the form of expertises. It sets its own agenda.

You can find the expertise by the Board of Academic Advisors (in German) here.