The Bundesrat gave its approval today to the Telecommunications Modernisation Act, which is based on a draft by the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy and the Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, The Act puts in place a tailored and forward-looking legal framework for the German telecommunications market and the final customers. To this end, the Telecommunications Act has been fully revised and recast.

Said Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier: “Today’s approval by the Bundesrat of the revised Telecommunications Act is good news for Germany’s economy and consumers. We are providing targeted incentives for investment and innovation, so the Act will speed up the rapid, nation-wide expansion of gigabit networks. Also, we are strengthening the rights of consumers. Fast and reliable internet access is indispensable for today’s society. Where the promised bandwidth is not delivered, this is not just annoying for the person affected: in these days of working from home, it is a genuine drag on the economy. However, until now it has been difficult for consumers to enforce their contractual rights – but the new rules change this.”

The Telecommunications Modernisation Act implements the European Electronic Communications Code, which entered into force at the end of 2018.