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The Federal Government Commissioner for the New Federal States and Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Marco Wanderwitz, will today open the 7th Annual Conference of the CLEANTECH Initiative for Eastern Germany (CIO) with a welcome address. The event will take place online on the theme of ‘CLEANTECH – Building the economy of the future: Green Deal and circular economy’.

Parliamentary State Secretary Wanderwitz said: "The circular economy is an important lead market of the CLEANTECH Initiative for Eastern Germany, which will gain ever greater importance in the future. It is a key area of development within the Green Deal, which is increasingly contributing towards ensuring a sustainable use of our natural resources and the reduction of waste and greenhouse gases, which damage the climate."

Fast growth in the global economy and population is leading to rapid consumption of energy, water and other resources. In order to maintain our prosperity while also protecting nature and the environment, innovation will be key.

Markets with great growth potential are emerging in the cleantech sector as innovative and sustainable technologies and processes are developed. In recent years, the new federal states have developed into a hub for technology in this sector and offer a wealth of strong and competitive solutions.

The cleantech sector includes the following areas in particular:

  • green energy and energy storage: renewable energy, energy storage, efficient grids and environmentally friendly use of fossil fuels.
  • energy efficiency: from energy-efficient buildings and industrial plants through to energy-efficient appliances and production processes
  • sustainable mobility: alternative fuels and propulsion technologies, environmentally sound transport infrastructure and management
  • circular economy: waste collection and transport, waste recycling and landfill, and environmental rehabilitation.
  • sustainable water management: water production and treatment, wastewater disposal and technologies to increase efficiency
  • raw materials and materials efficiency: new materials, material-efficient processes.

The CLEANTECH Initiative Eastern Germany (CIO) was launched in 2011 by the Federal Government Commissioner for the New Federal States. It serves as an instrument for promoting economic development in the new federal states with the aim of connecting East German cleantech companies and involved research institutions with each other within an active network that spans across industry and state borders. The Federal Government Commissioner for the New Federal States actively supports this initiative and is patron of the event.

Further information

On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, RKW Sachsen GmbH organises a range of measures as part of the CLEANTECH Initiative Eastern Germany (CIO). The aim is to support Eastern German cleantech companies in driving innovation and gaining new customers and markets, which in turn will boost their growth.

In addition, the CIO works closely with the business promotion agencies of the new federal states and with Germany Trade and Invest GmbH (GTAI).
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