Altmaier diskutiert mit Mittelstandsbeirat über aktuelle Lage

© BMWi/Andreas Mertens

Economic Affairs Minister Peter Altmaier discussed the current situation of SMEs in the COVID-19 pandemic and preconditions for a successful fresh start for the economy after the crisis with the SME Advisory Board at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy today.

Minister Altmaier said: "I had very good talks with entrepreneurs of the SME Advisory Board at the Economic Affairs Ministry today. The German economy is continuing to prove resilient during the crisis, and we will be able not only to stop the economic slump, but to reverse it in 2022 and to get back to our old strength by 2022 at the latest. It is of course also correct that the impact of the crisis on different sectors varies widely. While industry has been coping fairly well with the crisis, other sectors, especially trade and services, are continuing to be badly hit. An intensive dialogue with entrepreneurs is therefore all the more important. In addition to the ongoing crisis relief, we discussed important forward-looking issues so that we will be fit for a fresh start after the crisis."

The SME Advisory Board at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has been advising the various Economic Affairs Ministers on all SME-related issues of economic policy since 1956. The members of the SME Advisory Board nominated by Mnister Altmaier represent the broad spectrum and the diversity of modern SMEs. The entrepreneurs include representatives of industrial SMEs, the skilled crafts sector, services, the IT industry, energy firms, medical technology enterprises and the creative industries. Today’s meeting was the fifth regular session during the current legislative term.

The list of the current members of the SME Advisory Board and members of the Bundestag parliamentary groups can be found here.