90-Millionen-Förderung für Impfstoff-Glasfläschchen

© Andreas Prott

Based on the ‘Guideline for Federal Funding of Production Plants for the Manufacture of Borosilicate Glass Tubing and Glass Vials for Use in Vaccine Production’, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is now providing funding for the manufacturing of products that are important for the supply of vaccines in Germany. A total of up to €90 million has been made available to support investments in plants for the production of borosilicate glass tubing – an intermediate product used to manufacture vials – and for the glass vials themselves. Glass vials are the primary packaging material used in the manufacture of COVID-19 vaccines. The funding guideline will be published today in the Federal Gazette and comes into force tomorrow.

State Secretary Andreas Feicht said: "To keep the vaccination process moving forward, we not only need enough vaccines but it is also important to ensure that the vaccines can be packaged and transported safely. As from now, we are therefore also supporting the production of the glass vials into which the vaccines are filled as these are indispensable within this process. The earlier companies start up production facilities in Germany, the more support they will receive. Our goal is to ensure the supply of vaccines to the population in 2021 and beyond."

Support will be granted for 20% of the eligible costs for investments in production facilities for borosilicate glass tubing. Companies investing in the production of glass vials will receive funding assistance at a staggered rate subject to a condition precedent. This is to provide an incentive for companies to produce these items as quickly as possible:

If the plant is commissioned very quickly, i.e. no later than 31 December 2021, a funding share of 80 per cent of the eligible expenditure will be granted. If the facility commences operations between 1 January 2022 and 31 March 2022, the funding assistance granted will amount to 65 per cent. Should the facility be commissioned after this period but no later than the end of June 2022, a share of 50 per cent of the eligible expenditure will be granted.

Applications for funding can be submitted from now until 15 June 2021.

The new funding guideline issued by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy implements the mandate the Ministry was given at the Vaccination Summit on 1 February 2021 and the decision of the State Secretaries' Committee of 7 April 2021 to support and rapidly expand capacities for vaccine production in Germany and Europe.