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Applications for New Start Assistance Plus filed by natural persons for the period from July to September 2021 can now be submitted via the website This launch marks the beginning of the application process for the economic assistance programmes available to businesses in Q3 2021.

Companies and own-account workers who are still severely affected by COVID-related closures and restrictions in Q3 will continue to receive comprehensive support. In mid-June, the Federal Government decided to extend its key coronavirus relief programmes until 30 September 2021 in the form of Bridging Assistance III Plus and New Start Assistance Plus.

As of today, natural persons who are self-employed or on short-term contracts in the performing arts or in discontinuous employment can apply directly for New Start Assistance Plus. The application process for own-account workers who are registered as legal persons und must make their applications via a third party scrutinising the application will be opened in a few weeks.

The application process for Bridging Assistance III Plus, under which reimbursements for fixed costs will be available for Q3 2021, will begin soon.

Bridging Assistance Plus is characterised by the following new elements:

  • As New Start Assistance Plus is extended into Q3, the maximum monthly amount of assistance available will be increased from €1,250 (January to June 2021) to €1,500 (July to September 2021).

  • The modalities for the final statements of account that used to apply from January 2021 to June 2021 will apply analogously for New Start Assistance Plus, with the relevant figures for turnover now relating to the three-month period from July to September 2021.

  • The specific rules that already apply in the context of New Start Assistance (e.g. for applicants on parental leave) will continue to apply with some slight modifications made on account of the shorter period of funding (three months).

Additional information on Bridging Assistance III, including New Start Assistance Plus

Bridging Assistance III is being extended as a new Bridging Assistance III Plus programme, including New Start Assistance Plus, which launched today. The substance of the “Plus” programmes is largely the same as that of Bridging Assistance III and New Start Assistance.

  • As was the case with Bridging Assistance III, applications for Bridging Assistance III Plus can only be filed by companies whose turnover has fallen by at least 30% due to COVID-19. Applications under the new “Plus” programme must again be filed by a third party scrutinising the application and via the Federation’s COVID-19 web portal. Applications can soon be submitted via; FAQs will be published at the same time.
  • Like its predecessor programme, New Start Assistance Plus continues to address those whose turnover has fallen due to COVID-19, but who derive little or no benefit from Bridging Assistance III Plus, because they have few fixed costs. As was the case before, applications can be filed by own-account workers, whether they are partners in a partnership or not, short-term employees in the performing arts sector, those in discontinuous employment, corporations with one or several shareholders, and by cooperatives. Just like New Start Assistance, New Start Assistance Plus is granted in the form of an advance payment and is not credited towards basic security benefits. Direct applications can be made as of today via; the application process for own-account workers who are registered as legal persons and must file their applications via a scrutinising third party is due to open in a few weeks.
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