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While most parts of the economy are on the road to recovery, some sectors continue to face coronavirus-related restrictions. The Federal Government has therefore extended Bridging Assistance III Plus beyond 30 September, until 31 December 2021. The details for this extension until the end of the year have now been finalised. For the most part, the tried and tested funding requirements of Bridging Assistance III Plus continue to apply. New Start Assistance Plus, which supports own-account workers experiencing losses in turnover due to coronavirus, has also been extended.

Bridging Assistance III Plus, as extended until the end of the year, is largely identical in substance to Bridging Assistance III Plus as in force for the months of July, August and September. Eligibility for the extended Bridging Assistance III Plus scheme continues to apply only to companies whose turnover fell by at least 30% due to COVID-19. Also, applications for the extended Bridging Assistance III Plus are to be filed via a scrutinising third party.

The ‘re-start premium’, which was available under Bridging Assistance III Plus for July, August and September 2021 and which served as a targeted tool to facilitate the transition from lockdown to reopening, has now achieved its purpose. It will expire in September as planned. The equity grant, which is to improve the capital base of companies faced with particularly severe and persistent troubles, will be available until December 2021.

New Start Assistance Plus for own-account workers has also been extended. Own-account workers who continue to suffer losses in turnover due to coronavirus can receive up to €4,500 in support for the period from October to December.

The FAQs on Bridging Assistance III Plus and on New Start Assistance Plus will be revised and published shortly. Once the adjustments have been made to the programme, applications can be submitted via the usual platform: The Länder are responsible for processing the applications and disbursing the assistance. Information about the start of the application period will be published separately soon.