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The Economic Affairs Ministry, in coordination with the Federal Chancellery and the Federal Foreign Office, has presented a senior official as a candidate for the position of Director of the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau of the International Telecommunication Union, a UN agency. The candidacy was announced today at a meeting of the Europe group of the ITU Member States. At the same time, Germany is again applying for a seat on the ITU Council.

The ITU is a UN specialised agency based in Geneva, and is the world’s second-oldest global organisation, founded in 1865. Germany is one of the founding members. Today, 193 states and some 900 companies, universities and organisations belong to the ITU. It is responsible for global spectrum administration, space-based radio services, the promotion of international standards in telecommunications networks and services, and the worldwide expansion of the telecommunications infrastructure. The Director of the ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Bureau is one of five people leading the ITU, coordinating its standardisation work and its strategic orientation.

The candidate, Dr Thomas Zielke, has been working for many years in the Directorate-General for Digital and Innovation Policy of the Economic Affairs Ministry as a lawyer responsible for national and international standardisation policy and patent policy. Alongside other functions in various international commissions, such as head of delegation at the EU Standardisation Committee and co-chair of the Sino-German Standardisation Commission, he is tasked with coordinating fundamental strategic approaches for the Federal Government with private-sector German standardisation organisations and with other federal ministries. In the course of his career, he previously headed the liaison office of the Federation of German Industries and the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Washington D.C. as the delegate of German industry for several years, and was in charge of the public relations work of the Economic Affairs Ministry. Prior to this, his assignments included a period working at the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations in New York.

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