From today, companies that were still suffering slumps in sales in June 2021 as a result of the pandemic and were also hit by the flood disaster in July can submit applications for Bridging Assistance III Plus for the funding period July to September 2021. Applications can be made via a scrutinising third party at

Through their eligibility to apply for Bridging Assistance III Plus, businesses that have been doubly hit will receive much-needed support to bridge sales slumps. To ensure that the aid can take effect quickly, companies can receive advance payments of up to €100,000 per funding month.

Businesses eligible to apply for Bridging Assistance III in June 2021 that were also affected by the floods in July are able to apply. Due to aid and budgetary constraints, Bridging Aid III Plus may only be granted to reimburse fixed costs where there have been declines in sales as a result of the pandemic, but not as a result of the floods. The share of the fixed costs for which a reimbursement can be granted is measured in terms of the drop in revenue from June 2021 on account of the pandemic compared to the respective reference month. If companies wish to take advantage of both Bridging Assistance III Plus and the reconstruction aid fund for flood damage (Aufbauhilfefonds), any crediting that may be necessary will be made to the latter.

Further details on the application procedure and rules can be found in the FAQ at