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On 29 September 2021, the first commercial container vessel was fuelled with carbon-neutral synthetic LNG in Brunsbüttel.

Norbert Brackmann, Federal Government Coordinator for the Maritime Industry, said: "Today is an important day for the maritime energy transition. The first fuelling of a container vessel with synthetic carbon-neutral LNG is a big step on our path towards the maritime climate transition and the zero-emission ship. Engines which today are fuelled with fossil LNG will be powered by climate-neutral LNG tomorrow. Today’s fuelling of the ElbBlue has turned today into tomorrow. This is a real milestone!"

The first-time fuelling with synthetic LNG is a flagship project with which the maritime sector demonstrates its commitment to take active climate action. At the same time, the conversion of commercial vessels to make fuelling with carbon-neutral LNG possible is a first important step towards the zero-emission ship by 2030.

Climate change mitigation and digitisation will be the predominant issues of the next two decades. They will help to develop the maritime sector and secure jobs.

The German Federal Government is funding research and development in the context of the maritime research programme Apart from LNG, it increasingly supports research projects to make the forward-looking fuels ammonia, hydrogen and methanol ready for use. €58 million have been earmarked for the funding of research and development projects in the maritime sector for the coming year.