Upon its publication in the Federal Gazette, the funding guideline ‘Africa advice vouchers within the framework of the Africa Business Network’ is entering into force today. Via the new funding programme, small and medium-sized companies can get access to financial assistance for advisory services aimed at preparing market entry in Africa. Qualified consultancy firms can apply to be listed in the pool of consultants at the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA). The funding covers 75% of consultancy costs for a maximum of 15 consultancy days.
The aim of the new assistance is to provide access to needs-based advisory services in order to facilitate market entry for small and medium-sized companies in Africa and to boost their competitiveness. The funding supports companies in preparing a successful market entry and minimising potential risks.
The funding is available for advisory services provided by a consultancy firm listed with BAFA with the aim of preparing and conducting a project in African markets. The scheme is basically open to consultancy services for projects across all sectors and in all African countries. Consultancy may focus on questions relating to the business environment for specific sectors, African target markets, the legal framework regarding foreign trade and investment as well as economic viability assessments for the project concerned.
Funding is available for advisory services on the following aspects of business projects:

  • the legal framework regarding foreign trade and investment,
  • customs and import regulations,
  • market analysis and research,
  • transport and logistics,
  • financing and financing negotiations,
  • business case calculations,
  • arranging local contacts, including with potential business partners,
  • setting up branches,
  • building up sales and distribution structures, and
  • certifications and standards.

Companies interested in receiving an advice voucher can get tailored advice from the office of the Africa Business Network.
Further information on the new funding programme by the Africa Business Network can be found here: