The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action today distributed a draft of the revised environmental bonus funding guidelines for coordination to the other federal ministries concerned. The draft is based on key points agreed on by the Federal Government on 26 July 2022.

What’s new is that from 1 September 2023, not only private individuals but also non-profit organisations are to benefit from the environmental bonus.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck said, “In funding electric cars, from 2023 we will completely focus on climate action and pure battery electric vehicles. The aim is to achieve the greatest possible impact with the funds available to us and support those who need this funding the most in the transition to e-mobility. Therefore, from next September, private individuals as well as non-profit organisations will be eligible to apply. Non-profit organisations play an important role for society as a whole – in particular in terms of climate action.”

Once the interministerial coordination is completed, the European Commission has to assess whether the revised funding guidelines involve state aids. Finally, the guidelines will be published in the Federal Gazette and enter into force in the autumn of 2022.

Further information

You can find questions and answers on the environmental bonus in German here.