As regards the current statements about Nord Stream 1 by Gazprom, a spokesperson for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action said:

"We have taken note of the recent statements by Gazprom. We will not comment on their content, but we have already seen Russia’s lack of reliability in the last few weeks and we have therefore been sticking firmly and resolutely to our measures to strengthen our independence from Russian energy imports. As a consequence, we are now much better equipped than a few months ago. As of today, the storage facilities are 84.3% full. This means that we will presumably reach our storage target of 85% for October already in the first days of September. We are also making good progress in terms of the supply via other channels than Russian pipelines and new landing capacities for liquefied gas."

"Of course, these are difficult times, but we will firmly continue to strengthen our supply. We need to make further great efforts, but we are on the right track here to master the challenge."

"We are monitoring the situation very precisely in close contact with the grid operators and the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency). The situation on the gas market is tense, but security of supply is ensured."