At their informal meeting in Prague, EU energy ministers have addressed the tense situation on the energy markets. In addition to short-term measures to mitigate high gas prices, security of supply in the coming winter and the long-term design of the European electricity market have also been discussed.

Federal Minister Robert Habeck was at the kick-off of the meeting in Prague yesterday evening to exchange views with his counterparts on joint measures to counter high energy prices. In intensive discussions, progress was made on planning joint measures.

Minister Habeck: "I had very good and trusting discussions with my colleagues. We have all introduced national measures, based on the European Commission's toolbox. We now need to transfer these national measures into a European package of measures to reduce the high gas prices. In the intensive discussions of recent weeks and also yesterday, one thing became very clear: there is not one measure to solve the problem, we need a package of measures. We are now working with our partners on such a package. This includes strengthening Europe's joint purchasing power through the joint purchasing platform for gas, stronger savings targets in Europe, and regulatory relief to massively accelerate renewable energies. We also want to limit the reference price effect for gas purchasing contracts without affecting the internal market."

In the further discussions today, State Secretary Sven Giegold represented the Minister and continued the discussions.