Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Dr Robert Habeck discussed the current situation with management representatives of DAX40 companies at the 10th digital roundtable today. The main topics were the economic situation of the companies in view of the high energy prices and the Federal Government’s support measures. The focus was on the €200 billion defence shield.

Federal Minister Habeck said: "The coming winter will not be easy for us. Companies are suffering from uncertainty and high energy prices. We take these concerns very seriously. The Federal Government has therefore established a 200 billion euro defence shield, and we are working full steam ahead on the implementation of the brakes on electricity and gas prices. At the same time, we are working hard to make provisions for the coming winter in order to ensure security of supply. We have achieved an important building block as our gas storage facilities are more than 95% full, but we need to consistently continue our efforts in many other areas. We are pressing ahead with the expansion of LNG terminals and increasing the transport capacities of power grids, and we are swiftly paving the way for the revision of the Atomic Energy Act. We must also have the strength to look ahead, beyond immediate needs, and make massive investments in forward-looking technologies, in the expansion of renewable energy and in energy efficiency."