Pressefoto Dr. Robert Habeck Enlarge

Dr. Robert Habeck, Bundesminister für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz

© BMWK / Dominik Butzmann

Habeck said: “The gas prices have been falling for quite some time, and are actually back well below €100/MWh at the moment. On the spot market, prices are even down below €30/Wh. This is good news for our companies. Our policies have set the course for this. We have filled the reservoirs and started building alternative infrastructure. Europe is also sending out clear signals: we are finding ways to purchase gas together in order to bring the prices down. At the same time, we can’t hide from the fact that the price level remains high, and it will not return to the level from before Putin’s war. We therefore need to keep working on this, in Europe and in Germany: keep prices down, make careful use of energy, and in particular step up the pace of the roll-out of renewable energy.”