Neues Reallabor Großwärmepumpe

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action is launching a consultation process on how to make better use of geothermal heat. Too little use has been made so far of the great potential offered by geothermal energy for a climate-neutral heat supply in Germany. Since geothermal heat is reliably available all year round, it can be used to improve the supply of heat in particular throughout the year. Its potential should therefore be examined in greater detail, starting with a consultation of the Länder, associations, and companies.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck said: “Geothermal heat is reliably available all year round, it doesn’t depend on the weather, it is crisis-proof, and almost inexhaustible. It is therefore right to progress the use of geothermal heat in Germany. We have developed a draft concept with eight specific measures which we wish to open up to consultations in a first step with a view to following this with specific geothermal energy projects. We believe that the use of geothermal heat must be planned in tandem with the expansion and decarbonisation of the heat networks. Both aspects are important for municipalities and the development of a climate-neutral heat supply.”

By 2030, 50% of the heat supply is to be produced on a climate-neutral basis. The Climate Action Status report of January 2022 therefore contains the specific target of developing geothermal potential of 10 TWh by 2030 as far as this is possible, and to thus multiply the amount fed in from these sources to the heat networks by a factor of 10. In order to do this, we want to initiate at least 100 additional geothermal projects by 2030, connect them to heat networks and use the geothermal energy in residential buildings, neighbourhoods and industrial processes. Regions where geothermal energy is an appropriate source are therefore to be identified in an exploration campaign, and the information is to be provided to the municipalities. Throughout the process, consideration is to be given to all the questions of safety and environmental protection.

The eight measures contained in the key elements paper to attain this goal are:

  1. Stakeholder dialogue on the necessary measures
  2. Data campaign – systematic collation of the existing data to provide a basis for successful projects
  3. Exploration campaign – exploration partly funded by the Federation in highly promising areas for specific projects
  4. Acceleration of planning – identify and leverage potential for optimisation of the approval process
  5. Funding programmes – stimulate market preparation and competitiveness
  6. Risk mitigation – consideration of instruments to hedge against risks
  7. Securing skilled labour – development of strategies to recruit young staff
  8. Public acceptance – information events and public acceptance programmes are to be an integral part of each project

The key elements paper can be found here (PDF, 251 KB).
Further information about geothermal energy and FAQs can be found (in German) here (PDF, 305 KB).