Deutsche und Französische Flagge zum Deutsch-Französischem Ministerrat

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This 5th Franco-German Energy Forum was entitled “EU Energy and Climate Targets for 2030: Which roadmap for the energy transition?” A whole host of topics of common relevance were discussed. They included the fundamental role of energy in achieving the energy and climate targets for 2030, the challenges of energy reform in the geopolitical context, and concrete questions about how to finance energy reform and the decarbonisation of industry. There was also a Franco-German meeting between Stefan Wenzel, Parliamentary State Secretary at the BMWK, and Laurent Michel, the Director General for Energy and Climate at France’s MTE, to discuss specifically French and German policy perspectives and approaches.

In his welcoming address on the morning of the event, Parliamentary State Secretary Wenzel pointed out that, “The Franco-German Energy Forum has become a fixed part of and an important building block in Franco-German co-operation to implement and shape the energy transition. The Franco-German Office for Energy Transition,” he went on to say, “is an outstanding project initiated collaboratively by France’s MTE and our ministry.”

In her closing statement, Parliamentary State Secretary Dr Brantner expressed how delighted she was to have the BMWK host this year’s Franco-German Energy Forum. “We see the need,” she said, “to approach even the particularly tough tasks collaboratively. It is a good thing, therefore, that we offer a forum in which to do so.”

The DFBEW was founded in 2006 by the governments of France and Germany. It is an information and networking platform for French and German political and market participants in the energy transition, specifically entities from the fields of wind, photovoltaic and biogas energy; market and system integration of renewables; energy storage; supply security; sector coupling; renewable heat; energy efficiency; mobility; societal, ecological and economic developments surrounding the energy transition; and, since this year, industrial decarbonisation.

This event is one of several Franco-German top-level talks taking place this week. In one such meeting, the German Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Robert Habeck, was in Paris on Tuesday for discussions with the French government. Tomorrow, French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne will be travelling to Berlin for political talks.

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