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Together with Industry Commissioner Thierry Breton and many other fellow European ministers, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck yesterday launched the European Platform for Transformational Technologies – Clean Tech Europe. The industry platform is rooted in an initiative by the Federal Government from the Competitiveness Council at the end of September.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck said: “In order to attain our climate targets, we need an efficient industrial sector which is not only a pioneer and lead provider of energy transition products, but also produces sufficient quantities of them. We therefore need to help industry to expand industrial production capacities in Germany and the EU, for example for photovoltaic equipment and wind turbines, for electrolysers and heat pumps. The aim is to meet as much of our growing needs as possible from domestic production.

“Just two months ago, we proposed the establishment of a European platform for transformational technologies. The fact that the platform can already launch means that the project has been realised at the speed of light, and I am most grateful to the European Commission for this. It shows that Europe is willing to step up its efforts to scale up the production of climate-relevant technologies. This is important, because we need to maintain our strategic and technological sovereignty in the field of green industry.”

An opening event hosted by Industry Commissioner Thierry Breton took place in Brussels last night to launch the platform.

Minister Habeck participated online. It was agreed to set up a high-level political steering body and working groups which are to rapidly produce and present specific proposals for action. Also, the first priority fields of action were adopted, particularly with a view to boosting Europe’s competitiveness.

The aim of Clean Tech Europe is to swiftly scale up industrial production capacities in Germany and Europe for technologies needed for the energy transition and the Green Deal. These include wind power, photovoltaics, electrolysers, electricity grids and cables, and heat pumps.

The rapid establishment of a platform for transformational technologies had been mentioned by Minister Habeck the day before yesterday in his speech at the Industry Conference, as being one of eight measures for a viable and competitive European industrial sector.