Kosten der Energieversorgung

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Natural gas and heat suppliers as well as ‘self-suppliers’, (i.e. companies that procure their own natural gas) can now apply for advance payments for the relief introduced as part of the caps on gas and heat prices. The link to the online application portal for suppliers and other important information about the caps on prices for gas and heating can be found here (in German): https://www.bmwk.de/Redaktion/DE/Artikel/Energie/ewpbg.html.

In introducing caps on prices for gas and heating, the Federal Government is providing relief for companies and private households. For a quota based on previous consumption levels, there is a subsidy on the gas or heating bill. This subsidy is based on the difference between the contractually agreed price and the maximum price guaranteed by the Federal Government. It is reimbursed to energy suppliers by the Federal Government. The important thing here is that saving energy continues to pay off: consumers in fact receive this subsidy regardless of their actual consumption.

The gas and heat price brake will take effect for large consumers (with recording power metering) from January 2023, and for small consumers (private households and small businesses with standard load profiles) from March 2023, retroactively also for January and February 2023. It will initially apply until the end of 2023, but may be extended until the end of April 2024, provided that the relevant European Union emergency regulation is adapted.

It should be mentioned that consumers do not need to act themselves; they will automatically benefit from the gas and heat price brake based on their existing supply contract. The relief will be implemented via the natural gas suppliers and heat supply companies. These can apply for advance payments with immediate effect. Special regulations and notification requirements apply to companies with particularly high energy costs.

Furthermore, the electricity price brake is also to be in place in March 2023 and will likewise set a maximum price for a fixed quota. Here, too, the relief for consumers will be automatic and retroactive from January 2023. Unlike with the gas and heat price brake, the transmission network operators will be responsible for implementing the refunds to electricity supply companies under the electricity price brake. Further information on the implementation of the electricity price brake will follow shortly