Siemens Energy setzt Engagement im Irak fort

© BMWK / Susanne Eriksson

In the presence of Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck and Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs H. Fuad Mohammed Hussein, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Energy AG Dr Christian Bruch signed a cooperation agreement on the ongoing electrification of Iraq with the Iraqi Minister of Electricity Zayad Ali Alrzij in the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action today. According to the agreement, Siemens Energy will make available an additional 11 GW for power generation in the country.

Federal Minister Habeck said: "In the coming years, Iraq will make substantial investments in its energy infrastructure. Siemens Energy will considerably contribute to this development. I am happy to see that renewable energy will play a significant role. This is an enormous contribution to a climate-friendly, sustainable and reliable energy suppy in Iraq."

The plans include projects to establish and expand electricity generation on the basis of both conventional and renewable energy sources. All turbines which will be installed in power plants are fully H2-ready and can also be operated with hydrogen or its derivatives. In addition, an energy system study on making more use of renewable energy is to be carried out. The objectives also include the upgrading of the electricity transmission grid for more use of renewable energy and the modernisation of existing plants.

The federal government regards this project as a Strategic Project Abroad in the interest of the Federal Republic of Germany.