Industrial Strategy 2030

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier presented his proposals on an industrial strategy for the first time in February 2019. This was followed by an intensive dialogue in the last few months, involving all stakeholders from business, politics, trade unions and research. Milestones of this dialogue process were the congress on 6 May 2019, the ensuing structured dialogue in cooperation with the Alliance for the “Future of Industry” in five separate dialogue forums, and the Industry Conference on 24 September 2019. The final version of the Industrial Strategy 2030, which was presented on 29 November 2019, outlines a comprehensive concept to strengthen the competitiveness of German and European industry and to safeguard prosperity and jobs of the future.

To reach these objectives, the Industrial Strategy 2030 envisages a triad of measures: improving the framework conditions for industry, measures to strengthen new technologies, and protecting Germany’s technological autonomy in international competition. It also comprises ideas for an ambitious, long-term industrial strategy for the EU.