Cover of Annual Report of the Federal Government on the Status of German Unity in 2017

Germany has developed well over the last few years. Unemployment figures have fallen all across the country, and average incomes have risen. The eastern German regions have also benefited from this development, but there are still substantial regional disparities in incomes, employment and economic potential.

The 2017 Annual Report on the Status of German Unity shows that the overall eastern German economy has developed well. Today's share of industry in gross value added in the new federal states is higher than in the European Union. Some eastern German regions have already succeeded in building stronger economies than some western German regions. Overall, gross domestic product per capita in eastern Germany amounted to 73.2% of the comparable figure for western Germany in 2016. Between individual German regions, however, there are still differences when it comes to economic strength.

The report provides texts and diagrams assessing the status of German unity, and flags up successes, problems and trends. It addresses the current challenges in eastern Germany and the structural changes, and describes what the German government is doing to tackle these challenges. It also contains an annex with relevant economic data.