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Point of Single Contact Points of Single Contact provide support with all the administrative processes linked to your business projects.


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Are you looking for information on a specific administrative service, or trying to find a particular form? Perhaps you want to sort out formalities for a future project online?

The Points of Single Contact exist to make your life easier. They are part of a Europe-wide network that can provide you with online access to administrative services. They will tell you about the requirements that must be met before you start your service activities, and will act as a link between different agencies and chambers. This will enable you to realise your business projects quickly.

The Points of Single Contact are on hand to offer advice both online or in person.

Please click on a Land to find out which Point of Single Contact is there to help.

If you are seeking to operate in another EU country, you will find the relevant Point of Single Contact at the commission webpage.

Points of Single Contact in the Federal States

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