The strategy aims to strengthen startup ecosystems in Germany and Europe. In it the government has presented a specific roadmap of how it intends to achieve this goal in the course of this legislative period. The Federal Government groups the measures contained therein into ten fields of action:

1. Strengthen funding for startups
2. Make it easier for startups to attract talent –
make employee ownership schemes more attractive
3. Ignite the startup spirit – make startups easier and more digital
4. Strengthen female startup founders and diversity in startups
5. Make it easier to create startup spin-offs from science
6. Improve the general environment for non-profit startups
7. Mobilise startup skills for public contracts
8. Make it easier for startups to access data
9. Strengthen regulatory sandboxes – make access easier for startups
10. Put the focus on startups

The Startup Strategy emerged out of an extensive process of engagement and coordination. Numerous stakeholders contributed their perspectives and expertise in workshops and an online consultation. The Federal Government has taken them into account in the preparation of the strategy.

Following the Cabinet decision, the implementation of the strategy will begin. Numerous measures are already being prepared and can be realised relatively quickly. The implementation of the Startup Strategy will be subject to monitoring. The Federal Government will report annually on the current implementation status. In addition, it will regularly review whether and how the Strategy should be developed further. At the same time, it will continue to engage in dialogue with all the relevant stakeholders.