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The Carbon2Chem project is about converting blast-furnace gases from steel production into input products for fuel, plastic or fertilizers. This is to be achieved by cross-sector cooperation between the steel, chemical, and energy industries. The ambition is to lower the German steel industry’s annual CO2 output by up to 20 million tonnes. The project is structured into three stages spanning a total of 10 years.

The concept is also to be applied to other carbon-emitting areas, including waste incinerators and cement works. During the second stage, additional use cases are to be opened up for the main product, methanol. These use cases will be predominantly in the mobility sector. One example of this will be the development of an innovative hybrid passenger car that can run on methanol. In its third and final stage, the validated concepts are to be implemented on an industrial scale. The project is receiving funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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