Since mid-July, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) has been offering a new service for German companies of the healthcare sector to help them enter the Kenyan market: the Africa Business Network has expanded its market entry services provided by industry experts in Egypt (water management), Ghana (food sector) and South Africa (circular economy) with an expert for the healthcare sector in Kenya.

Kenya is Africa’s sixth largest economy with a rising per-capita income, and according to the Africa Monitor of IfW Kiel, Kenya ranks fourth in Africa in terms of the business environment. In the last few years, the Kenyan healthcare sector has seen improvements, but the healthcare infrastructure needs to be further expanded. GTAI data show that demand especially for high-tech products in the field of medical and laboratory technologies for private providers of healthcare services is rising. The multifaceted healthcare market offers a broad range of opportunities for German manufacturers.

Since July 2022, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action has provided funding for an industry expert at the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce for East Africa to identify business opportunities for German companies at an early stage and offer optimum support for their market entry in Kenya. As regards the concept of the project, Ms Claudia Feyzi Shandi, Head of the Africa Business Network Office, said: "Due to her education and professional career, Ms Kokwaro is a real expert for the Kenyan healthcare sector and the pharmaceutical industry. She has an excellent knowledge of the areas in Kenya’s healthcare sector where investment is needed, she is familiar with the relevant German technologies and products, and she is very well networked with the local private-sector players. Ms Kokwaro can therefore identify business opportunities for German providers at an early stage."

Interested companies in the healthcare sector can register themselves with the Africa Business Network Office at if they wish to be informed about business opportunities. Where companies are interested in specific business opportunities, the industry expert helps them on the spot to establish business contacts.

All information about the industry experts and expression of interest can be found here.

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