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The Federal Government is providing additional funding to further develop Germany as a base for technology and venture capital financing. The funding provided is primarily intended to serve as growth capital. For this purpose, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and the Federal Ministry of Finance have established the DeepTech & Climate Fund (DTCF). As of now, the new fund will start investing in the growth of companies that develop forward-looking technologies and provide up to one billion euros in the coming years. The funds come from the Federal Government's Future Fund and the ERP Special Fund.

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck: "Startups are essential for the long-term competitiveness and climate-friendly transformation of our economy. In launching the DeepTech & Climate Fund, we are implementing an important part of the startup strategy adopted by the Federal Government. By financing new green technologies, the fund strengthens Germany as a base for innovation and supports the development of independent and successful technology companies. In this way, we are creating long-term prospects for deep-tech companies in Germany."

Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner added: "New business models are the basis for economic growth and future prosperity. We would like to establish the DeepTech & Climate fund as an anchor investor for new German global market leaders. We are making available 1 billion euros for this. But money alone does not bring success. It is important now to make the most of every euro invested. This needs to be done by experts."
As of 1 February, Dr Elisabeth Schrey is part of the DTCF’s management team. Together with Co-Managing Director Tobias Faupel, Elisabeth Schrey is responsible for the implementation of investments.
The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action's representative for the digital economy and startups, Dr Anna Christmann: "We are pleased that with Elisabeth Schrey, we have found a highly competent managing director. She has extensive expertise and a keen eye for investing in deep tech companies. Forward-looking technologies are also key to meeting the challenges of the climate crisis. The DTCF provides an attractive financing source for companies whose technologies contribute to the transformation of the economy towards climate neutrality".

By contributing to the financing of such companies, the DTCF is helping the technology champions of the future evolve into new technology-based mid-sized businesses. The fund focuses on the capital-intensive growth phase of companies in the deep tech and climate tech sectors. In particular, the fund is geared towards companies with a validated business model.

The fund invests in deep tech areas such as Industry 4.0, robotics, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, process automation and companies with a technology-based business model such as digital health, new energy, smart city, new materials and selected biotech areas. Preparations have started in the 4th quarter of 2022. The first investment is close to being agreed.

As a co-investor and partner of institutional investors and family-owned companies, the DTCF ensures that technology companies have long-term prospects for growth in Germany. In the long term, the purpose of the DTCF is to further strengthen Germany as a base for business and innovation and make it more attractive for companies with forward-looking technologies. The goal is to maintain and increase the competitiveness and economic success of Germany and Europe in the future.

Background of the management team:

Dr Elisabeth Schrey has been managing director of the DeepTech & Climate fund since 1 February 2023 and is responsible for investment execution together with Tobias Faupel. She earned her doctorate in mechanical engineering on the topic of innovation management at RWTH Aachen University. Prior to joining DTCF, she was responsible for investments and portfolio management in industrial tech at btov Partners, Matterwave Ventures, and the TechVision Fund.

Tobias Faupel has many years of experience in the management of medium-sized companies as well as in investments in startups and transactions which he has carried out for Deutsche Bank, BASF, KI Kapital and the High-Tech Start-Up Fund.